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Dick In A Box

It’s the weird, act it out, card game. Full of weird stuff, pop culture references and dank memes. Created for the internet cultured and meme lovin’ type of people, like yourself.

This was and is the first game we have ever launched on Kickstarter. We’ve learned a lot from the first attempted launch of Dick In A Box. From that experience we have made some changes. First we’ve worked to find a better source for producing the cards. This is to bring down the price. Second, we want to make our offering available world wide. Right now we are hammering out the details to get an exact prices for shipping to different countries. I hope you will sign up, to stay up-to-date on the latest details about the game.

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Grab this game, some friends, and get something to keep score (we recommend a permanent marker and a friend’s forehead.) And lastly, have some f*@#ing fun.


Shuffle the cards and stack in center of table.

Who goes first? The person with the highest IQ or the dumbest face draws first (to find out who it is argue amongst yourselves, or, you know, choose another way, somebody needs to fucking go already.)

The chosen victim (person who drew the card) must read the card silently and then they have 90 seconds to act out the card, the rest of the group try to guess exactly what is written on the card.

To score a point the victim must successfully get someone to guess what is on the card, or you must be the person who guesses the card correctly. Either way, both the f**kers get a point.

Types of Gameplay

There are at least three types of gameplay:

Race to the Finish*: In this game play, the group sets a point limit at the beginning of the game. It could be first to 10 or first to 100, whoever reaches that number of points first wins.

Marathon: For this gameplay, you continue playing until you run out of cards in your deck. The person with the most points at the end wins.

I don’t got time for that s!#t: In this gameplay, you set a timer at the beginning of the game, be it 30 minutes or 36 hours. The person with the most points at the end of the time wins.

If you’re like us, you’ll say screw these rules and make up your own. After all, it’s just a f@!king game, now piss off and play already.


• You get 300 cards. Ranging from your typical word list type of card to a card where you whip out your phone and hop on to urban dictionary and find a word.

• You get instructions, because everyone reads instructions, am I right?

• You get a box to hold your cards!!!! But in reality it’s just your standard type of playing cards in an unsurprising box. But we did turn the direction of how you hold the cards, that’s progress.